“My child has been in pains for 4 years now” – cries the father of little David born with a hole in the heart. Little David Oni Adewale was born on the 8th of June, 2012. This little boy and the parent live at No. 3 Salimotu Street Oke-koto Agege Lagos Nigeria. When David was[…]

Voice of Change Network International, a foremost global humanitarian organization; launches Project Help a Child campaign with the screening and profiling of the children of indigent widows in Ikeja – Lagos, on Monday 9th, November, 2015. According to the International Coordinator of the group, Mr Azemobor Gregory, who spoke to VOCNEWS team during the exercise,[…]

To God be the glory! The Easter Free food and cloth distribution took place at Saint Leo Catholic Church- Ikeja-Lagos. We gave out food and clothing items to over 500 persons. Our special guests were: People with disability (the blind, deaf, dumb, crippled), the widows, drug addicts, street children, destitute, the elderly and indigent kids.[…]

The best way to appreciate God for the good health that you enjoy is to extend some love and compassion to those that are sick and helpless. Make a commitment today, to visit any hospital and show some love to those that are sick and hopeless around you. That visit could be an answer to[…]

In one of our tour of compassion round the city of Lagos, we encountered this little boy with the blind father begging for alms.  There are many indigent kids living all around us. oh my God! By 2025, the building of the Charity City will be completed and we shall provide free housing for thousand[…]

Your humble servant, on behalf of The Charity City Project team, making a cash presentation to Mrs Uche for the payment of her children’s school fees for this current term. The team, since two years ago, had made a commitment to sponsor the education of two of her kids from Primary school to university. You[…]


Your humble servant, on behalf of The Charity City Project team presenting a cash donation to Mrs Afolayan, a widow, for the payment of her son’s school fee for this term (September, 2017). The team has made a commitment to sponsor the education of his son, Dare, from Secondary school to the University. Beloved,as usual[…]

  This young man, Samuel Majekodumi, walked into our office this afternoon seeking for help. According to him, he was released from Kirikiri prisons on allegation of theft in a place where he worked as a security personel. After six months behind bars in Kirikiri prisons he was released this morning when he was found[…]

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Voice of Change Network spearheaded a campaign to raise money for his heart surgery. Before the family met the Voice of Change team, they were stranded for almost 5 years in trying to source for money for David’s heart surgery. They lived in pains without help from anywhere to save[…]

During the Charity City Project Awareness rally yesterday, we encountered a destitute who accosted us, ” I am hungry, please buy me some food to eat” we gave him some money and bought him food to eat! There are many of such destitutes all around us. You see them every day. Has it ever occur[…]