We  provide free business training and empowerment for widows, unemployed youths and poor families as a more sustainable economic support .To this extent regular trainings,  counseling, mentorship are provided for all those looking for jobs or those intending to start  petty businesses. Disbursement of soft loans are also be provided for all qualified beneficiaries of our training program.

We seek to work in collaboration with corporate organization that will provide the fund to be disbursed as soft loan

What we do

1.     Organize regular business training programme by mobilizing for facilitators and attendance

2.     Source for partnership with churches, mosques, Community Development Area (CDA) , Social clubs etc that we could offer free training and empowerment for their members

3.     Source for corporate organization that  will provide funding sponsorship for the programme

What You Can Do as a Volunteer for this project

·        Advocacy- Spread this initiative within your social circle of friends and family members. Invite them to join this movement.

·        Join our social media campaign: visit our social platforms-www.facebook.com/projecthelpachildwww.facebook.com/azemoborgregory . www.facebook.com/ voice of change Network   and websites: www.projecthelpachild.com , www.vocinternational.com . Share our post, tag friends. Broadcast the initiative through Whatsapp. Talk to notable philanthropist who could donate to support the training program.

·         Corporate Partnership: Help us to submit proposal to manufacturing companies/ corporate organizations who could be interested in providing funding sponsorship for this training program.

·         Link us to media organizations: Do you have any contact in radio /television stations or the print media? Then link us to them, we need media partnership to drive this cause.

·       Help to mobilize for beneficiaries:  identify poor families, unemployed youths and widows within your locality who should benefit from this initiative and invite them for the training.

·        Source for  churches, mosques, Community Development Area (CDA) , Social clubs etc that we can offer free training and empowerment for their members