This initiative is aimed at providing free food and clothes for the poor amongst us especially indigent kids. We collect donations of food and cloth items from kind-hearted individuals and distribute them free to people in poor localities. The distributions are done daily at our Secrtariat, and during festive periods we go out to distribute to people in poor localities.

What we do

1.      Source for Corporate Partnership:   submit proposal to manufacturing companies/ corporate organizations, Restaurants, Raw food Vendors and boutiques that could be interested in donating food and clothing items to us

2.     Identify individuals that are willing to support this project with donations  of food and cloth items and submit letters  of request for donations to them

3.     Undertake aggressive awareness campaign for the initiative through the use of banners and massive distribution of fliers.

What You Could Do as a Volunteer for this Project

·        Advocacy- Spread the initiative within your social circle of friends and family members. Encourage people to donate food and cloth items to us. Hang the banner of free-food-and-cloth-distribution in front of your house to receive donations for us.


·        Join our social media campaign: visit our social  and websites: , . Share our post, tag friends. Broadcast the initiative through Whatsapp. Talk to notable philanthropist who could donate food and clothes to us.

·         Identify Potential corporate Partner: Help us to submit proposal to manufacturing companies/ corporate organizations who could be interested in donating food items to us.

·         Identify and link us to media organizations: Do you have any contact in radio /television stations or the print media? Then link us to them, we need  media partnership to drive this cause.

·         Help to mobilize for beneficiaries:  identify poor families within your locality who should benefit from this initiative and invite them for the distribution. Help us to identify beggars, destitutes, widows, orphans, people living with disability etc that live in Lagos, and invite them for the distribution