Project Help a Child was birthed out of the desire to see less privilege children lead meaningful lives. The idea behind the project is to encourage men and women all over the world to see every child on the streets as their own. This project encourages every adult to take full responsibility for the wellbeing and upkeep of a child that may not necessarily be their biological child or a child of a relative.

Benefits of the project to Humanity

  1. a) It will give hope to hopeless children
  2. b) It will promote universal brotherhood
  3. c) It will help to reduce poverty
  4. d) It will be a veritable tool to combat the menace of crime and insecurity, as neglected children easily become criminals and societal misfits

e)Ultimately, it will help to restore the much needed peace and stability in the world

To actualize this project Voice of Change Network Int,l :

  • Organizes Project Help a Child campaign rally to sensitize people to see every child as their own
  • Display children that need support and their profiles on our websites- We also solicit public support that links the sponsors to the child’s parents or guardian
  • Voice of Change Network Int’l, presently takes responsibility for the sponsorship of several children to lead by example.

The vision of Project Help a Child: To inspire 100 million people all over the world to care for 100 million children by the year 2025

Want to help or support a poor child, send enquiries t: